Dec 17/13 – Course dates for 2014 posted

April 12 to April 18 – 7 day course
May 10 to May 16 – 7 day course
June 14 to June 20 – 7 day course
July 12 to July 18 – 7 day course
Aug 9 to Aug 15 – 7 day course
Sep 13 to Sep 19 – 7 day course

More info HERE

Dec 11/13 – We all need to help a bit

Dear Andre,

You are so fantastic. THANK YOU for supporting the Wikimedia Foundation, the non-profit that runs Wikipedia and its sister projects.

Your donation covers not only your own costs of using Wikipedia, but also the costs of other Wikipedia readers.

Like the retired farmer in upstate New York who’s using Wikipedia to study the science of sludge, and the student in Kuala Lumpur who’s researching organic chemistry. The British mechanic who, after he broke his back in an accident, used Wikipedia to retrain himself as a web developer. The civil servant in Finland who set up an offline version of Wikipedia for a small school in Ghana. And the father in Mexico City who takes his little daughters to the museum on weekends, and uses Wikipedia to help them understand everything they’re seeing there.

Wikipedia’s job is to bring the sum total of all human knowledge to everyone around the world in their own language. That’s a pretty audacious mission, but with 30 million articles and 287 languages, I’d say that thanks to you and people like you, we are getting there.

On behalf of the Wikimedia Foundation, and the half-a-billion other Wikipedia readers around the world: thank you. The fact that you are helping to pay the costs of running Wikipedia means it can stay ad-free and independent of bias, focused solely on helping its readers. Exactly as it should be.

You may have noticed that for the first time this year we’ve tweaked our fundraising so that most people will only see the banners a handful of times, instead of for weeks. That’s deliberate: we don’t want people to get irritated by too many appeals. But it does mean that fewer people will figure out we’re a non-profit, and that we want their help. So if you’re willing, I’d appreciate if you’d help spread the word by forwarding this e-mail to a few of your friends.

And I’d love if you’d try joining us in helping to write Wikipedia. Wikipedia’s written entirely by volunteers — tens of thousands of ordinary people around the world, exactly like us. If you see a typo or a small mistake on Wikipedia, please fix it. If you know anything worth adding, please add it. Some people find it remarkably satisfying, and maybe you will too.

Thank you again. I very much appreciate your trust in us, and I promise you: we will use your money carefully and well.


Sue Gardner
Executive Director,
Wikimedia Foundation

Dec 3/13 – Looking for cool Xmas gift?

Why not gift certificate for introductory tandem flight.

Gift certificate 3

Nov 19/13 – 10 % OFF Sky Paragliders

Sky Paraglider announced 10% OFF winter discount period on orders starting today up to Nov 30.

You can purchase Cima K 2 for $ 2691 + tax – that is $ 340 in savings

This applies to all gliders in stock:

Paraglider Cima K 2 by Sky Paragliders size S – Colour OWEST
Paraglider Cima K 2 by Sky Paragliders size M – Colour PICCOLA, CLASSIC,
Paraglider Cima K 2 by Sky Paragliders size L – Colour – CLASSIC
Paraglider Cima K 2 by Sky Paragliders size XL – Colour PICCOLA

And any other orders which must be prepaid in full.

Nov 1/13 – Very nice note from Jodi

Hi Andre, I woke this morning to the sound of heavy rain bouncing off the roof and pattering against my window. My first thought (aside from thinking I should go back to sleep for a bit, it was still very early) was ‘Wow, how lucky were we with the weather yesterday?!’ And I’ll say it again, what a wonderful day we had yesterday as far as the weather goes.As for everything else, I can only say that I think I’ve maxed out my quota of the word ‘amazing’ for the next year or so! It was such a fantastic experience for me, like a dream come true! I am sure you hear that all the time, but I wanted to make sure you knew I felt the same way! I still can’t get over the fact that I had not one little bit of fear, and that’s a pretty big deal coming from a girl who says she’s afraid of heights. Not all heights I guess! There were so many moments in that hour flight that made me feel so alive, so wonderful! I actually felt like some sort of mythical creature that had sprouted wings! When we flew down over that corn field I could of just squealed with pure joy. But of course I was conscious of the radio link between us and I didn’t want you to think I was afraid….or blow out you eardrums!

I’m sure you have a million photos, but I’ve sent a few along anyway, as well as a link to a video I posted of our take-off on YouTube! Also, I was asked to include a photo and a little caption for the local paper up north, the Great North Arrow. Just thought you’d like to know.

Thank you for a most wonderful experience, and I have no doubt in my mind that we will meet again. Perhaps when it is a bit warmer next time though eh?

Take care, have a great winter….and I’ll see you in the spring!


YouTube link:

Photo caption for the Great North Arrow (the photo is one I have included with this email):

‘Growing up on the farm just outside Magnetawan, I always dreamed of flying. I wasn’t as much interested in flying an airplane, though perhaps the cost of getting a pilots license was a slight deterrent. No, I was more interested in the kind of flying where you sprout giant wings and just take to the air at your leisure. I blame the book ‘Mail Order Wings’ by Beatrice Gormley for fanning the flames of my desire to fly. Well, with the help of Andre Zeman at Powered Paragliding Ontario I was given those wings. I can’t even begin to explain the sheer joy/amazement/exhilaration that I felt the entire time we were airborne….cruising along, dipping low, buzzing cornfields and soaring up again. I felt like a mythical creature, with nothing but the big sky above me and the ground far below. From the moment we gently lifted off the grassy strip that was the runway until the moment we touched down again I did not once experience even a hint of fear. It truly amazed me because I’m afraid of heights. I know, ironic for a girl wanting wings, who was also a flight attendant for years. I’m always pushing the envelope when it comes to my fears….and this time it felt so natural that fear was the farthest thing from my mind. Perhaps a sign that I really was meant to have wings?’
009 004-1 image image-1 image-2

Oct 30/13 – Tandem with Jodi

It has been a while since I flew last time. Business slowed down considarebly, weather is finicky + I had to do some traveling but I am at it again.

Jodi wanted to do Introductory Tandem Flight and weather cooperated yesterday. Very little wind and it was not even cold! Great flight. When we landed I have asked Jodi if she is cold and she said “No, just my teeth. “Your teeth?” I have asked. “Yes, from smiling all the time.” She replied….


Sep 28/13 – Pat has finished. Congrats! Aaron 11 more flights!

Pat has completed his 30 flights tonight. Very well done all inflation’s were forward inflations. Couple of touch and gos too…

Aaron added 11 more flights to his logbook – he flew like a pro  – there was not much I could have done better.


Patt and Aaron


Aaron Touch and Go


Pat touch and go


Pat and Aaron at the end of the session

Sep 27/13 – I will travel to teach you PPG at your convenience.

If there are 3 of you who would like to learn how to fly PPG. I will come for week with my gear and teach you how. You just have to find appropriate area to teach and fly,  bed and shower for me.

Note that my gear will accommodate up five pilots given they fit in these weight ranges:

Pilot from 130 to 180 lb
Pilot from 140 to 200 lb
Pilot from 145 to 210 lb
Pilot from 150 to 220 lb
Pilot from 180 lb to 300 lb

If there are only 2 of you who would like to learn how to fly PPG, you would have to purchase at least 1 paramotor and 1 paraglider. If so, I will come for week with your gear and my gear and teach you how. You just have to find appropriate area to teach and fly,  bed and shower for me.

Note that I will only travel up to 6 hrs from St. Catharines.

Sep 24/13 – Anton has finished. Congrats!

Anton signed up for training at the end of Sep 2012. In 4 days he has learned how to fly PPG and completed 25 flights. He needed 5 more to complete his requirement. He booked training this week. This is what he wrote before we got together:

Andre, I’m looking forward to getting out today and flying. Hopefully the conditions are good and you are available. If it is a go for today I’ll need to know with enough advanced time to drive out there from just beyond Toronto. It’s about 3.5 hours to 4 hours for me. I’ve also misplaced the location of the field that you used to use. Please send a link or GPS or directions to the launch field.

My heart and legs are jittery… like the anticipation of being dangerously high up. Exciting and scary. You are right, it’s been a long time and I’m not confident that I’ll remember what I need to remember. I keep going over it in my mind trying to imagine each step of the setup and there are certainly holes. For example : It’s reverse inflate, turn to the right, but where is the throttle? Surely it isn’t in my right hand, but it has to be because after inflation it isn’t possible to let go of the canopy control, reach around and strap on the throttle, then regain control. So the throttle must be in my hand when inflating.

Something I just can’t remember is the rigging. Imagining all those lines and connections isn’t happening. There’s something about the control lines going under the canopy lines but it’s just not clear in my mind. Have wanted to look it up but afraid I’d find a site that would teach a bad habit and then I’d have to unlearn which is worse than relearning.

Really looking forward to reviewing the process and fixing what I’ve forgotten. If that’s all I get done and then I’m ready for another day it will still be a success. If I get to run into the sky, that’ll be a bonus, a fabulous bonus.

Warm regards,

To make a long story short, Anton remembered everything and after 30 min refresher he started to fly on his own like a pro. In no time he added 6 more flights to his log to now have 31. Congrats Anton on completing you PPG course.


photo 2




Sep 18/13 – Ian 5 more flights

Great training session. All forward inflations. Ian forgot couple of things since last time so we needed to improve those – namely on pulling too much break on take off.