May 31/13 – Niagara Falls restricted flight area CYR 518 demystified.

Due to the restricted airspace around the Falls all aircraft must climb to 3500 ASL ft prior to entering the circuit. The circuit can be entered from SW (50) or NW (100) directions. The boundaries of this restricted space start at the Welland river on the south side and at the QEW highway so if you are flying in the area make sure that you have 3500 ft ASL before you cross these landmarks.


May 30/13 – Darren and Sergei – Sergei is ready to fly!

Fair amount of wind at the field. Sergei ground handled small training canopy then Fides 2 EVO XS. Darren worked with Cima K2 M. Wind was getting smoother but at 6:45 we still had some strong thermal gusts and since Darren had to leave by 7 – no flights for him. Sergei switched to forward inflations with motor on his back. No problem he has got it and is ready to fly!


VIDEO: Sergei ground handling


May 27/13 – Graham 2 more flights and Todd flight number 1!

Graham – 2 more flights and Todd flight number 1. Congrats.


Todd in simulator – this time with lighter engine


Feeling the power of Black Devil engine


Powered runs


Way up there…

VIDEO: Todd powered runs

VIDEO: Flight number 1

VIDEO: Graham having a ball 2

VIDEO: Todd and his little secret

May 26/13 – Graham PPG course – Day 4 – pm – Two flights!

From Graham’s log book:

Powered training – Gear used: Fides 2 XS and small miniplane. 2 flights. First sat too early but OK – got off the round. Flight good. Some minor swinging. Landing – hard and turtle due to pulling brakes too early and not having energy for final flare. Second take off – good run but did not control directions of take off – flight great – landing ok with small stumble.


VIDEO: Testing power

VIDEO: Powered runs

VIDEO: Powered runs 2


VIDEO: Graham first solo flight

Turtle landing after flight 2


VIDEO: Chat with Graham during flight 2


VIDEO: Graham after landing 2

May 25/13 – Graham PPG course – day 3 – pm – Working on reverse inflations

Worked on reverse inflations – they are coming along nicely.

My new wind sock pole.






Graham – reverse 1

Graham – reverse 2

May 25/13 – Another happy Kangook Moster owner…

Herman, thanks for you order. I appreciate the business.


May 23/13 – Used GoPro for sale

I just purchased the black GoPro 3 so my old one is up for grabs.


COST: $ 100 includes the SD card, and cover

May 23/13 – It is getting busy, please schedule your training day/s well in advance.

This is one of the busiest springs I have ever had. I have lots of students in progress. Please schedule your training days well in advance to avoid me telling you, that I have other students booked already and there is no room for you.

I will post who is booked for training and when here:

If you see “no room available” do not bother to call me to try to book you in on that particular day

May 23/13 – Please do not call me on days when forecast for flying is bad.

Please do not call me to ask if we are going to train if the weather forecast is bad. Here is a simple way to be able to figure out if the weather will be suitable for PPG training.

Download free app called “AeroWeather” – 4th from top on the right side.


Once you download it, under STATION tap the + button.


Go to ICAO and enter KIAG, select the Niagara Falls International Airport then “add selected” in the bottom right corner.


Update the forecast info by hitting the left bottom refresh icon. Then go to settings – bottom right


Go to Units


Go to Wind


Select km/h


Add your own airport if you wish. I look at KIAG – Niagara Falls International Airport and/or CYSN – St. Catharines regional Airport


To get forecast, tap the desired airport. You will first get METAR. METARs typically come from airports or permanent weather observation stations. Reports are generated once an hour. If you scroll down you will see TAF – a terminal area forecast


Scroll down and you will see TAF time periods – ignore the first one – it is an average for the next 24 hrs.

  • If the forecasted winds are more then 30 km/h we will not ground handle.
  • If the forecasted winds are more then 20 km/h we will not fly
  • If the forecasted winds are more then 10 km/h we will not trike.


May 21/13 – Graham PPG course – day 2 – pm – Working on kiting

We were planning to get together at 5 pm but the wind was still gusting to 37 km/h. We decided to wait and by 6:30 conditions were OK to start kiting. There was large cumulonimbus near by but since we were not planing to fly – just ground handle – that was ok. We started with Fides XS and a small gust front came through so we went to my very small training glider then back to Fides. After couple of hours Graham was able to forward inflate and do wicked 400 yards runs up and down the field with great canopy control. He will fly soon.


Graham disappearing towards highway…


Graham at the end of training session.