Feb 25/14 – Got my Aeroplane Recreational Permit

I have passed my Private Pilot License written exam two weeks ago and last Thursday passed my practical flight test with Transport Canada examiner. I have my Recreational Permit which means I can fly aeroplanes anywhere in Canada under VFR rules with one passenger on board. So I do…


I went for nice flight this Sunday afternoon, air was smooth and visibility near perfect. Took off from St. Catharines (CYSN), went by Niagara Falls, Fort Erie then followed lakeshore to Dunnville at 4500 ft ASL. Oh boy, is it ever nice to have heat in the cabin this time a year. There was some minor turbulence in the middle of the peninsula but nothing to be concern with. Visited Stoney Creek for “low and over” and followed the south lakeshore of lake Ontario at 3500 ASL back to St. Catharines. Total flight time 1.2 hrs. Just an awesome flight.

I also flew yesterday. We had lake effect snow squalls coming off lake Ontario and on my way back to St. Catharines near the airport I got caught in one of them. Visibility got so bad that I had to fly by instruments for 5 min or so. It was lucky that I had FSS watching me on radar and advising me on directions to the clear sky. Not fun at all. I do not have any IFR training yet. I am glad I have been using X-plane flight simulator and have practiced for something like this on my own. Stupid beginner mistake. Since CYSN had 0 visibility so I had to divert to Welland (CNQ3) and land in 25 kts gusty cross wind. I was little concerned but all went well. I ended up hanging out at CNQ3 until conditions in St. Catharines improved which took couple of hours and then I flew back. Very important lesson – turn around as soon as you start entering “milky” stuff and get the hell out! Mind you I have been told that many times by my instructor but it kind of sucks you in…

Here is a pic from my yesterdays adventure.


I am working on my PPL and hope to have it done by the end of March.


Feb 16/14 – From low and slow to high and fast…

After 25 years of flying low and slow I have decided to get my private pilot license and go high and fast.

photo-1 photo


Feb 16/14 – April course full.


April 12 to April 18 – 7 day course – 3 people booked, this course is full.
May 10 to May 16 – 7 day course
June 14 to June 20 – 7 day course
July 12 to July 18 – 7 day course – I am not available July 17 from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm
Aug 9 to Aug 15 – 7 day course
Sep 13 to Sep 19 – 7 day course