July 29/14 – The service you get

After arriving at Sudbury airport in a private plane we taxied to Shell station to gas up and were treated like gold. Super friendly service, they let us tie down plane at no charge and I even got a free hat!



I do not know if this a standard practice, maybe the fact that I was with 2 very good looking ladies had something to do with it…




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July 27/14 – Nice note from Mark

Hey Andre,

Just a word of thanks for your patience and expertise in getting things sorted with my harness. I think I had a smile on my face all the way home today after having a couple successful flights in rather challenging conditions. Now that the number of flights where I’ve gotten into the seat equals the number where I’ve been hanging from my naughty bits, things are looking up! Have a good holiday and maybe I’ll see you at UPAC.


July 27/14 – New radar app

Last night buddy of mine who flies Dash 8 for Jazz Canada told me about radar app that all commercial pilots started to use recently. It is called “My Radar” and you can get it for free in the App store.

Works great!

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July 26/14 – I am on vacation till Aug 8 am.

I am on vacation till Aug 8 am.

Fly safe


July 26/14 – No more crap in fuel

This pappy removes all crap from fuel even WATER!

I sell them for $ 35


July 26/14 am – Training with Mark

Finally we have nailed it. Mark had 2 quick flights on his new gear. We have sorted out his harness issue and he was able to get seated comfortably. He has made 2 perfect take offs and landings in very windy conditions. Congrats Mark and job well done!

photo 4-2

photo 3-1


July 25/14 pm – Training with Mark and Mike

Well, there was no training with Mark and Mike. Forecast was perfect but the wind did not die off at all as forecasted. We packed around 8:30 pm. No flying – too windy.

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July 24/14 – Flight to Sudbury

Flew to Sudbury. Great but very bumpy flight to get there.

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photo 3




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Great lunch, tour of the Sudbury then dinner and few drinks. Awesome night!

Flight back was much calmer but had to divert to CYEE (Midland) as one of the passengers needed to pee very badly…

photo 1

Safely back in St. Catharines


July 23/14 – Busy day at the shop

Marc came to upgrade his frame from single ring cage to double ring cage and fit on his new KUAD from RS ULTRA

photo 1

George came and we have assembled and simulator tested his new Miniplane.

photo 2

July 21/14 – Mike and Lawrence

Very very hot at the field and no wind.


Some light variable puffs but thet was all.

Lawrence ground handled for about 1 hour and then given up.


Mike tried several forward inflation attempts but no luck. No one flew last night.