Sep 7/14 – I will be away this fall a lot

Sep 15 to Oct 6 – PPO CLOSED
Oct 18 to Oct 24 – PPO CLOSED
Nov 1 to Dec 2 – PPO CLOSED

Sep 7/14 pm – PPG course with Darlene, Paul and Ilya

Kind of same this PM – very inconsistent conditions. Darlene picked up forward inflation real nice and Paul and Ilya are ready to start to kite with motors on their back.


photo 1

photo 2

Sep 7/14 am – PPG course with Darlene, Paul and Ilya

Nice crisp morning. Did all the motor work and practiced reverse inflations in very inconsistent conditions.

photo 1

photo 2

Sep 6/14 – PPG course with Gil, Darlene, Paul and Ilya

Very long day. Got up at 6:30 am and did not stop till 7:30 pm. Did the ground school, simulator, Pstar exam, SPPs then off to the field for ground handling. All are doing well. Great sunset this evening.

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Sep 3/14 – 3 guys, 2 props, 1 flight

t was quite windy at the field at 4 PM. Mike, Lawrence and Ben were all planning to fly. We waited till 6 :30 pm then one person broke prop, another person has given up for this evening and the third person broke prop as well but we mounted his spare and he had a nice flight.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3

Two props broken and only 1 flight – not very good ratio.