Apr 27/15 – Robin, 10 flights

Finally a good day and Robin completed 10 more flights today. Congratulation, very well done. 14 flights total in his log book.




Apr 22/15 – New course starting May 4 to May 10

I have customer that will start course May 4 and we will finish May 10.

Anybody would like to join?

Apr 21/15 – Soo windy

The last PPG course was the worst for the amount of wind we had. I am not sure if that was because we had such harsh winter but it is blowing and blowing and it looks it will not be any better for a few days…



Apr 18/15 – Robin another flight

When we arrived at the field, wind was already picking up. Robin took off first and we quickly realized that the upper winds were too strong. Robin could not penetrate and for a while it looked like he may have to land down wind at another field. He then descended and was able to make it back but just barely.


Mr ? engine is still giving us hard time and since wind picked up even more he did not attempt fly.

I am off to Peaks to work on Mr ? engine.

So far:

Robin – 4 flights

Mr? – 5 flights

Not very good results – weather is really holding us back in this course

Apr 17/15 am and pm – Another bad day

This morning rain, mist, grass wet. Had to cancel.

This pm forecast agin looking very good but we sat at the field from 3:30 till 7 and wind would not diminish. No flying today.


Apr 16/15 am and pm – Bad forecasts

Mr ? needed day off and it was not worth for Robin to come all the way down from his home for the short morning session. No flying this am.

Robin was planning to come for the afternoon/ evening. Forecast was great with 15 km/h winds from SW and light rain coming at 10 pm. At 4 pm the rain start6ed and continued opn strand. Unfortunately we had to cancel. Very bad weather for this course.



Apr 15/15 pm – Mr ? 2 flights, Robin 1 flight

Robin came to Peaks to get back in the simulator because on previous 2 flights he was not able to get into the seat. We have fashioned a foot strap to help him to get seated. We have tested it in simulator and all was working great.

At the field wind was bit thermally but otherwise great conditions.  Mr ? picked up some bad fuel for his new RS ULTRA paramotor and we had engine acting on us on and off. It has a new Moster Plus motor that I am not very familiar with yet and because of the bad fuel issue and some other tuning issue we were spending fair amount of time fiddling with the motor. I am still learning to trust this motor.

Mr ? flew two flights, both take offs and flying was excellent but his landings are becoming bad. First was partially caused by s “hole” in the air and some lack of skills. On the second he has started to gradually slow down and there was no energy for proper flare. Both unstabilized landings resulted in loss of balance and falling sideways.

Robin took off after trying many times – he sort of lost his ground handling skills. When in the air, he used the kick strap to get into the seat but he pushed so hard that he broke one of the supporting ropes. We fixed this, but by then sun was going down and we lost most of the wind. Robin tried one more time but after successful  inflation, he applied power too abruptly which put him into forward and back oscillation during take off run and eventually he has lost balance and had to abort.

Not the best day, I was hoping for more flights then we have accomplished. I am sure though things will improve soon. Congrats both on adding more flights to your log books.

Mr ? 5 flights so far

Robin 3 flight so far

Apr 15/15 am – One more flight for Mr ? and an aeroplane flying

Robin decided to stay home this am as morning flying sessions are always quite short. Mr ? has completed another quick flight in bit bumpy and on the wind side conditions. That is 3 for Mr ?


After that I have rented Piper Cherokee and my self and Mr ? went for flight around  Niagara Peninsula.

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 1.29.41 PM

One circuit in St Catharines then to Welland for touch and go then to Niagara Falls to fly the sightseeing circuit and back to St. Catharines.

First two landings not that great but the third one was really nice.

Stunning day to fly – amazing visibility.

Apr 14/15 – am and pm – Both students 2 flights

This morning wind was more then forecasted so we did not even unpack the gear. Instead we spend the morning watching and dissecting Youtube PPG crash videos and also “Risk and Reward” instructional video.

The PM session went super well. Great conditions at the field. Both Mr ? and Robin managed 2  flight using reverse inflation. Robin unfortunately did not get into the seat but we will sort it out tomorrow.

All 4 landing were done on students feet and not knees as it usually happens on first couple of flights.

Super well done and congratulation both on first solo flight and second to confirm it!





Apr 13/15 pm – No training too windy

Apr 13/15 pm – No training too windy