Apr 13/15 am – Great morning

Both students polished off their reverse technique and are now able to stabilize the glider in forward position wearing the engine.

Super windy this pm – no training.

I feel both will fly Tuesday pm

Apr 12/15 am and pm – What an amazing sunny day

We had great morning session where both students mastered reverse handling. We then started the motors which proved to be quite challenging and frustrating.

After more reverse handling this time with paramotors on and introduction to forward inflations. Another long day – I am tired

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Apr 11/15 am and pm – First PPG course of this year

Two students in first PPG course of this year. Robin and Mr ? who ask me not to put his name and pics on web which I respect.

Ground school till 3:30 pm then off to the field for learning how to hook up and ground handle. Had to use small trainer gliders as wind was gusting over 20 km/h. Did not get home till 9 pm. Super long day but rewarding sunny day.



Apr 9/15 – You should be member of UPAC

The Ultralight Pilots Association of Canada, UPAC, is the national voice for Canadian Ultralight Pilots. The organization was formed in 1986 when the Ultralight Aircraft Association of Canada (UAAC) and the Microlight Owners and Pilots of Canada (MOPAC) joined forces. UPAC speaks for Canadian ultralight aviation interests in discussions with the federal government. We are committed to protecting the rights and privileges of all ultralight pilots and owners to assure freedom of flight in a minimally controlled flying environment. Our only focus is ultralight flying.

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Ultralight Pilots Association of Canada
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Doc – Apr 9, 2015, 11-25