May 28/15 – Busy afternoon

After five days off very windy weather we finally had a nice afternoon to do some flying.

Anton came for a refresher and manage to do two solo flights.

Lupo has added three more flights to his logbook to complete the 30 flight requirement.


He is done, congratulation on finishing the practical part of the course.

Will did more ground handling and more practice with a paramotor on his back.

May 26/15 – I need help

Guys,  (and girls) when I was learning how to fly an aeroplane I had to memorize Piper Cherokee flight emergencies and related procedures such as engine out landing, engine fire on start up,  spin, electrical failure and similar because I knew, that I will be asked to recall these during my final flight test.

I could not find any tool that would help me to memorize the emergencies and  test me on those when I least expected.  I was also looking for something that would keep me current on my knowledge. The problem is that pilots remember it all when in training but after one year we all forget because we never practice.

I have created an app called Emergency Memorizer that will facilitate the above.

1_main_screen  IMG_8275  IMG_8340  IMG_8419

I need few people who would put it through real user testing. It has been approved in both App Store and Google play Store but at this point it is by invitation only. If you want to participate, let me know by email. I will send you an invitation to download the app so you can install it on your phone – it does not cost anything. I want you to play with it and let me know if you run in any difficulties.

This app allows users to share data so if you set up an account from within the app then email me to let me know, I will share an emergency PPG procedures so you can stay on top of you PPG game and never be surprised by engine out or frontal collapse.

The app is useful to anyone who faces emergencies such as police, pilots, firefighters, army personal, doctors, paramedics, skydivers, scuba divers and similar

Please help me test it


May 25/15 – Air Show Disaster


This is tough to see.

It just shows the dangers of attending these events.

Amazing photo below shows great detail.

The pilot at low level had no control over his aircraft.

It narrowly misses a crowd gathered for the air show and slams into four buildings.

One can only imagine the horror of the occupants inside those buildings.

See photo:


No one was killed, but it probably scared the – – – – out of them!

“BrutaL! I would rather get killed then survive in one of those building. Ha ha”


May 23/15 – Windy, windy…

The beginning of this season is absolutely terrible. Its too windy all the time…


Can someone change it. Please!

May 21/145 – Tandem flight with Jeff

Flew tandem flight with Jeff. It was super cold – only 8 C. Froze my but off.

The wind was coming in at perfect 45 degrees to the runway so we had very limited room for take off. Jeff was not very heavy so it worked fine. Nice flight!


May 14/15 – Lawrence 5 flights

It was just me and Lawrence last night. Great conditions. Lawrence is back on the horse and managed 5 solo flights – all reverse inflation. Well done. Congrats.




May 13/15 – Robin is done and Lupo 5 more flights.

Robin has completed the remaining 4 flights and has 30 in his log book. The practical requirement of the course has been completed. Now he has to pass an ULTRA exam with transport Canada. Congrats Robin.


Lupo started his training almost 5 yrs ago. But it all came back very quickly. In fact he is quite natural. 5 flights completed.

The only thing he could not quite remember was how to properly push the kill switch button.




May 8/15 – Great night with Will, Darren and Robin

Darren is back on the horse. 2 very long flights.

Robin managed 9 flights. 8 reverse and 1 forward. Takes off and lands on his own. Did big ears excersise and two engine outs.

Will broke prop on his second take off attempt :-(











May 6/15 – PPG course Will – day 3

We have practiced more ground handling using the hand tow rope and throttle handle to add more complexity. Will can reverse handle, turn to forward, stabilize and turn back to reverse.

Unfortunately our session was cut short as Will started to feel not well.



May 5/15 – Will – day 2

Worked on reverse and forward handling. All is going well.