June 29/15 – Mike and Lawrence

Great night at the field. Lawrence 6 flights and Mike 2 flights.

IMG_8905 IMG_8906 IMG_8907 IMG_8910



June 25/15 – Mike and Lawrence

Wind were coming from NE gusting to 22 km/h. We ground handled but decided not to fly due to instablility of the air.

This season, the wind conditions are upside down…  ;-(



June 18/15 – Glen’s new trike

June 17/15 – Will kiting and power training

Nice evening at the field. Will worked on his kiting with motor on his back and turned on.


June 15/15 – Morning with Ben

June 14 – Jeff and Ben

June 13/15 – Jeff and Ben

June 2/15 – More ground handling

Will has ground handled more. He has mastered both the forward and reverse inflation.


All we need is that perfect 15 km/h wind to go solo. It will happen soon.