July 30/15 – Flying for fun

This Monday I had a great flight from St. Catharines to Collingwood.


Took off at 1o am, asked for flight following as our route was through one of the busiest corridor in North America. Passing by Brampton we had close to 10 light aircraft in sight! Awesome trip. The smoothest flight ever.

IMG_9141 IMG_9138 IMG_9139

Landed in Collingwood and took our friends for flight to see their property from the air. Trip back next day went without the hitch too. It was not as busy as day before so we got to stay at 3000 through Pearsons airspace which is great for safety reasons.

In the evening I had incredible PPG flight with my friend Chris – it was one of those magical calm, warm evenings. I LOVE flying…



July 25/15 – Do you remember what to do in PPG emergency?

If the answer is no, I can help you with an app I have created called an Emergency Memorizer.



The Emergency Memorizer App was created to help you to store and  remember your emergency procedures.


The app comes preloaded with examples of emergencies to make users understand its structure and function. Please delete and/or edit those emergency examples and enter your own emergencies.

IMG_8275  IMG_9098  IMG_9099

1) Once your emergencies and related procedures are entered, they are always with you and you can access the solutions quickly.
2) You can test your ability to react to a simulated random emergency at any time using test button.

3) You can set up an alarm schedule where a simulated random emergency will be presented to you by the app at random time

4) If you register, you can exchange emergencies and related solutions with other registered users using the share (export/import) feature


This is new original idea and you need to read a tutorial to understand how this works:  http://www.emergencymemorizer.com/getting-started/

If you register for account and share something to me at zemanandre@gmail.com I will share back my PPG emergencies so you can stay on top of it.


The app is $ 2.29 CAD – please look for it in your app store, buy it, install it, play with it, set up an account. I need some feedback.


If you use it on regular bases, you will know what to do if your engine goes full power in flight and you can’t go back to idle or if you enter spin and similar…

Thanks, I really appreciate it.


July 24/15 am – Mr Barley is done

31 flights for Mr. Barley. Engine out and Big ear training finished. Well done. Congratulation on completing Transport Canada requirement of 30 solo flights and 5 hrs total flight time.





July 23/15 pm – Mr. Barley 2 more flights

Two more flights in Mr. Barley’s log. Bothe reverse. All is good just the landing flare needs some work. No bellyflop tonight.


July 23/15 am – Mr Barley 5 more flights

Mr. Barley I added five flights to his logbook this morning. Conditions were good with the initial overcast till about 9 AM. Enough wind for reverse inflations. Mr. Barley is finally understanding the lending flare. And of course it wouldn’t be Mr. Barley if he didn’t do one bellyflop in the barley again. Those are all on landings with the engine turned off so there is no danger and it’s actually quite entertaining to watch…

Mr Barley 24 flights as of this am


July 22/15 pm – Mike 2 flights, Mr. Barley 10 flights

We had 20 km/h wind at the field tonight. Mike had first flight which went quite well but on the second one he did got himself into unstabilized oscillating flight. It took a while for Mike to get the flight under control–fairly exciting moments. I have to say I got my dose of adrenaline today.

Mr. Barley came bit late but he quickly managed five flights all using reverse inflation. After short break he proceeded to do another 10 flights. That is total of 19 in his log book. Well done tonight Mr. Barley – only one bellyflop tonight. Last five landings were actually quite good.




July 22/15 am – Too windy

Went to the field but wind was already over treshold – no flying this am.

July 21 pm – Mike 3 flights tonight

It was quite windy at the field at 7:30 pm so we waited till 8:15 or so. The wind did come down and Mike managed 3 flights and one turtle + few nice low passes. Total amount of flights in Mike’s log – 9





July 21/15 am – Mike 4 more flights

We got to the field nice and early then sat around for bit to see what the wind was doing. After a while we decided to set up. As soon the gliders came out of the bags it started to rain, so we packed up. Santino went home and me and Mike went for breakfast hoping that rain will stop and we can get a few flights in. When we came back to the field we had a very good wind and since it was overcast we had short opportunity to fly. Mike quickly managed four flights using reverse inflation and is now pretty much taking off on his own. Couple of his landings were very good in fact the last one was flawless. Well done Mike.




July 20/15 pm – Mike, first two flights.

It was quite windy at the field so we end up sitting around from 5 o’clock almost till 7:45. Eventually the wind did come down and Mr. X, who was in the April course but did not finish, managed 4 flights. Three of those were very good but one more of a  belly flop into a barley field… So from now on I’m going to call him Mr. Barley.

Mike manage his first solo and aded another flight shortly after. Both takeoffs were great – some stumbling on landing but that’s to be expected.

Well done and congratulation Mike on your first solo flight.