July 20 am – Mike day 3

We have ground handled in low winds and covered forward inflation and also practised mock up take off’s under power. Mike is ready to fly tonight!


July 19/15 pm – Mike day 2 – pm

We have worked on reverse inflations with motor on Mike’s back I also had chance to demo whole bunch of touch and go’s. Looks like nice weather in forecast for tomorrow.

IMG_9034 IMG_9033

July 19/15 am – Ground handling with Mike

At the field real early. Wind already at 20 to 25 km/h. Tried handling with S glider but it was too overpowering even though Mike is 270 lb – pure muscle. Switched to trainer glider. Wind gusting to 35 km/h but Mike picked up ground handling in reverse no problem.






July 18/15 – Mike started his PPG course

We have completed the ground school including simulator, Pstar was written – 100 % – and SPP issued. We went to the field and learned how to hook up for forward and reverse. I have demonstrated kiting but it was super windy + Mike was tired after 12 hr drive. We finished at 7:30 pm long day. This guy never forgets anything and does everything well the first time!



July 16/15 – Jeff 11 flights

Again excellent condition at the field – in no time Jeff managed 11 flights. All flights were reverse inflated. Jeff is landing on his feet and is now responsible for trimming the glider. He can take off on completely his own.




July 15/15 – Jeff first 2 flights

We had a very good conditions at the field last night. After several tries Jeff took off for his first solo flight after only three training sessions – definitely above average. Will came and did some ground handling. Jeff then added another flight to his log for total of two.




Congrats Jeff on you first solo

July 13/15 – Training with Jeff

We had very good conditions at the field. Jeff completed his motor exercises such as motor assembly and preflight, start up and running under power. he also learned how to use PPG helmet, check on channel, lock channel and make sure that the batteries are fresh. We also ground handled first with just training harness but shortly after with the motor on his back. We eventually lost most of the wind but Jeff was doing really well – I estimate that he may  need one more session and then its first solo flight…