Aug 30/15 – Jeff is done

It was initially bit gusty at the field so we spent some time talking about the ultra exam which Jeff is going to attempt soon. The wind came down a bit and Jeff proceeded with five flights using reverse inflation. We have also practiced numerous engine out procedures including a real one. That was when Jeff has tried the big ears. Well done but he accidentally killed his motor. No big deal, jeff made uneventful landing about half a kilometer away then we walk the equipment back to our grass runway. After this Jeff managed five quick flights using forward inflation which he has finally mastered. Jeff has now 34 flight in his log and has completed the course 30 flight requirement. Congrats Jeff and finishing practical part of the course.







Aug 29/15 – Me and Chris

We had a really nice flight last night. Wind was coming from southwest at 6 km/h which was great for takeoff. We followed the Niagara River all the way to Fort Erie. It’s a little scary as there is not a lot of lending options. In Fort Erie we turn west and through the beach all the way to Port Colborn. Then it was straight shot back to our field near Niagara Falls. We had absolutely no wind for landing.


I got to fix up Chris’s lending technique. As you see from the video it wasn’t soft at all….


Aug 24/ 15 – Flight to Goderich

I got my ass handed to me in Goderich. The wind was gusting to 20 KTS from 240 so I had a choice of paved runway 28 with a lot of crosswind or short grass runway 23. Since I have never landed the Cherokee on grass before, I went for the 28 but it was a big mistake, I barely managed to set her down in major gusty cross wind. It took all I got to settle her in! After that I took off and landed on the grass which was real freaky for the first time with the plane fully loaded for sight seeing flight and only 1800 ft of grass to get off. I did text book soft field take off with two notches of flaps, full back pressure then once couple feet off the ground I held her in ground effect until we accelerated enough for me to pull her up an pull up she did. We shot up over the trees at the end of the grass strip with lots of spare altitude. Coming back, I landed on grass too. OMG, much better then fighting the crazy cross wind. Nice lunch in Godferich with friends then very bumpy flight back to St. Catharines.

I like grass!


Another 4.3 hrs in my log


In Goderich



Our route


See the short gras 23?



Aug 22/15 – This is how Graham flies

Graham was in my PPG course in May 2013 and this is how he flies today

Aug 22/15 – Tandem flights

Flew two intro Tandem flight this morning. Excellent conditions. We had 100 ft leader of very cold air on the ground but 100 ft up it was so warm…and…sooo…calm. It was just beauty!

File Aug 24, 3 25 55 PM File Aug 24, 3 25 12 PM File Aug 24, 3 24 48 PM File Aug 24, 3 24 04 PM

Here is a video of take off in slow motion.;

and another one from the whole flight

Aug 23/15 pm – Gregor done, Chris 10 solo flights

Very busy last 4 days. Chris started his PPG house and left on Sunday with 10 solo flight. Gregor turned into insane flying machine and finished up Sunday morning with 30 flights. Gaetan and Monique stopped by for chat and some advice on motor and hook up.





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Aug 16/15 pm – Jeff and Gregor

Very nice night at the field. Initially quite windy but after 30 min break near perfect conditions. Jeff added 6 more flights to his log book and is now completely independent. He has got 24 on his belt now. His landings are super split and so are his take offs. He also practiced engine out procedure and passed.

Gregor flew 4 times. He likes to take it easy and enjoy flying it self. He has now 12 flights and he can land on his own as well. I do not think he was in the beans once. ;-)



Aug 16/15 am – Gregor 5 more flights

Excellent condition this morning. Wind from southwest at 15 km/h. Greg has quickly managed five flights – all his offs are perfect. He’s still relying on my verbal guidance but we will cut that out soon. Landings are 90% there. Just had one little stumble, well, we’ll fix that soon. Gregory has eight flights after 3 1/2 and a half days of training – congratulations, well done so far.



Aug 15/15 pm – Gregor 2 more flights

We had some very nasty clouds at the field at 4:30 when have arrived at the field. We had to sit around for about an hour with dark clouds above us spitting occasional drop of water. At 6 o’clock the massive cumulus finally started to break down and disappear and was time for us to fly. Gregor managed two flights both of them quite long – it was spectacular night to fly. The wind has died off rather rapidly so instead of trying for more takeoffs and landings I let Gregore to enjoy the perfectly smooth air…





Aug 15/15 – Gregor PPG course day 3 am – first flight

Gregor has managed his first solo flight this morning!

It was a misty this am, not a lot of wind so we started on forward inflations. Gregor has finally locked it in and almost every single one was perfect. Wind started to pick around 10 AM and since it was overcast we were getting nice southwest at about 15 km/h we decided to go for it.

After one failed attempt, Gregor was up, feeling super comfortable – I could tell from the tone of his voice and also because he started to use radio right away. Great 20 minutes flight but lending was bit rough – it started to get thermally and Gregore ended up landing in sink.

We will fly more this PM