Nov 10/15 – Do not buzz over Rattlesnake Point Golf Club

Hi pilots and friends: One of our PPG pilots has been buzzing over Rattlesnake Point Golf Club, on numerous occasions, including this weekend. The VP of my company, who is a member of this golf club, has come to me personally to ask if I know the pilot involved. The golfers find this intrusion very annoying, and would like it to stop. I ask you to please find some were else to fly instead of over the golf course, or keep a legal hight. Lets all work together to keep our sport on a positive note.


Nov 9/15 – Bobby, 12 flights

Bobby had his epiphany today and has completed 1 trike flight early am then 11 foot launches using reverse inflation. He is now taking off on his own, his landing are at 90 % and all is going great for him. We have also practiced in flight engine out procedure which he handled super well. Amazing and satisfying day.

Well done Bobby!



Nov 4/15 – Bobby and Bryan

In the morning Bobby managed his first flight. It also took about 10 tries but he finally hit it. Nice flight but wind up high must have been close to 30 km/h so at one point Bobby was pretty much parked overhead. Pretty good and soft bean landing.

Congrats Bobby on you first solo flight!



In the afternoon Bryan came and quickly mastered reverse.



After about 1 hour Bryan was kiting with motor on and was ready for first solo. In no time we were set up and Bryan was off on fist inflation, all went absolutely perfect.



Bobby also got ready and after couple of tries was in the air as well.


After Bryan landed, he was fired to go again. This time he backed off the power during take of run, sat down and busted prop :-(

Bobby landed long and bit cross wind, enjoyed the flight but got slight motion sickness from not looking out on horizon.

The wind started to die off so we packed up. Congrats Bryan on you first flight and a first prop bust. We say you are not PPG pilot until you destroy a prop so I guess you are one now, eh?

Nov 3/15 – Bobby PPG course day 2

It was bit on the windy side in the morning at the field. We worked on reverse inflation and soon Bobby clicked in. We also did tune up on his motor that was running bit rough.


In the afternoon, Bobby was inflating with motor on his back and by 3:30 he was ready to fly. We got ready with helmet and so on but after about 45 min of trying and 10 unsuccessful attempts we have decided to quit and leave it for next day.




Nov 2/15 – Bobby started his PPG course

First day completed successfully. Bobby can forward inflate like a pro!




A former student Stan showed up at the field for some flying and here is his take off