Dec 20/15 – Cold? Turn on cabin heat!

I had very nice flight today from St. Catharines to Brantford for lunch.



Took off at 11 am and my plan was to climb to 3000′ ASL Unfortunately, the ceiling was around 2700 ‘ so I had to limp under the hazy clouds at 2200 ‘. Little less height then I feel comfortable with – with terrain at 800 ASL that is only 1400 ft AGL and from that height you only get 2 min of gliding before  touch down if the engine quite. The forced landing procedure has about 3 steps so 2 min is super tight if not impossible . Things improved near Hamilton with ceiling at 3000’.


Landed in CYFD no problem.



Great lunch then back to CYSN. My wife flew for bit, I have tried to teach her few things but she refused. Just holding the plane level and on the course was enough for her…


Pretty good cross wind in St. Catharines but home lending was good as well. Great trip. Another 2 hrs in my GA log book.