May 29/16 pm – Graham

It was just me and Graham this PM. Great conditions. Graham managed 11 flights and he now sits on 20. Nice work – all went really well.




May 29/16 am – Graham

Six flights for Graham this morning. It clicked and he is back on the horse. It was all well done. Graham has now 9 flights in his log book. 21 to go.





Former student Herman stopped by to say hallo and did some low level flying and touch and go’s. Great fun. He loves his Kongook with Moster engine.


May 28/16 pm – Graham

Para-waited from 5 pm to 8 pm as we had some serious cloud development all around us. At one pont it almost looked OK but I though something was not right. Sure enough in 10 minutes we got pretty good gust front with wind up to 35 km/h.


Things have settled down by 8 o’clock so we had about an hour to practice forward inflations.


Unfortunately Ben has rapidly died off and We didn’t have enough time to actually try flying. Graham still bit week from all that heat all day. We’re planning to do some more tomorrow morning so stay tuned.

May 28/16 am – Scott and Graham

Started early with Scott. He has already finished his 30 flights and got signed off but `recently decided to use trike and some conversion training was needed. At 7:30 AM the wind was already picking up close to 10 km/h so I have decided that instead of using Scott’s extra large canopy we were using my – size small. That has bought us some time and we were able to do one and half hour of practice taxiing. By the end of it, Scott was getting hang of it but then when picked up to almost 15 and that was too much. We decided to finish as with more wind there is way bigger chance of getting the trike tipped.


Graham has arrived at 9:30 in the morning. We had very good wind for reverse inflations. Incredible change happen overnight basically Graham was nailing it on every try – perfect skill. Unfortunately the heat was so impressive and in about an hour and a half Graham was done. It was just too hot. I think Graham had a real heat exhaustion/heat stroke. Well, we’ll be back at it tonight and if the weather is good, Graham will fly.

May 27 pm – Aaron and Graham

Aaron came to finish his license. He had 28 flights and needed 2 more. His kiting skills are awesome but his ability to hook up needs improvement. Within five minutes I have realized that Aaron is ready to fly even though I have not seen him in months. We tried four times and each time he had everything line up perfectly but when he went to full power he wasn’t getting enough trust. I did the usual carburetor tuning but that did not fix it. I was just about to say that he needs to leave his machine with me so I can fix it for him but I noticed that his propeller was mounted inside out. Three minutes later I had it flipped and Erin quickly did two flights followed by six touch and goes. Congrats Aaron on completing your license requirements.




Graham did three flights in the fall but this was a first time after six months we were going to train more. After such a long pause we always have to go back to ground handling and that is what Graham did. He picked it up back really well and will fly again soon.


May 24/16 – Nice tandem

Bit bumpy but good!






May 20/16 pm – PPG course day 6

Started at 4:30 pm as all students are flying at this point.

Ryan just flew for pleasure.


Kevin added 3 more flights to his log. All reverse inflations. Kevin is much better at the reverse. I think it was 3 flights out of 5 tries. Thats is pretty good. I still owe Kevin 2 training sessions so hopefully he can manage the remaining 21 flights as he has 9 in his log book now.

Kevin S also came and completed one more flight. He is really under powered – its hard to watch his marginal take offs. His flying is very good and and so are his landings.


Very hard but very rewarding week.

May 20/16 am – PPG course day 6

Started at 7:30am as both students are flying at this point. Ryan added 3 more flights to his log book to total 30 which is Transport Canada requirement to apply for ultralight pilot license. Congratulations Ryan on completing course practical requirements. I still owe Ryan one training session so he will be coming back one day to tweak his PPG flying.


Kevin added 3 more flights to his log. We tried at least 20 forwards though so we have to improve efficiency.


May 19/16 pm – PPG course day 5

3 guys tonight.


Kevin, Kevin S who was in April course and Ryan.

Wind was strong till 7 andf thgen the mayham started. # guys is a lot of work. Ke4vin did 6 more flight using his nerw Kangook paramotor. Kevin took off andf got real engine out – the fuel filter cracked and started to leak fuel. Kevin S added 4 more flights to his collections. This time much better with lot more stability on take off. Busy night!

May 19/16 am – PPG course day 5

Started at 7:30 am. Kevin managed hist first solo and another flight to total 2. Congrats Kevin on amazing achievement of turning into a bird… Ryan added 6 more flights to his log for total of 21.