Sep 28/16 – Rebecca is ready to solo

I have taken Rebecca up in my tandem for dual training this morning. We haver covered proper landing direction, correct power setting, landing abort, touch and go, proper climbing technique.


VIDEO – Rebecca after tandem dual training

Rebecca did very well and is ready to fly solo. All we need is calm weather but it does not look very well. Bummer.


Then it was off to Peaks to disassemble and assemble her paramotor, fuel it up, do pre start check, start it up and also learn how to untangle lines on paraglider.


Sep 27/16 – Rebecca day 3

No flying today – rain and windy.


Sep 26/16 am – Rebecca knows how to taxi

Sep 25/16 – Rob, Pat and Rebecca

We have started at 8 AM in the morning at Peaks. The ground school including simulator was completed and everybody got their student pilot permit. We’ve finished by 2:30 PM.


VIDEO – students in simulators

The students had one hour break while I have loaded up the tandem and collected all the bits that I need to train someone on trike. When we got to the field Rob and Pat started to ground handle.


They are at the point where They need to fine tune their skills. Rebecca put in a good session practice inflations in the trike and trike taxiing.


At the end, I took Pat and Rob for quick tandem flight as I had tandem unit at the field to give them feel what it’s like to fly PPG.


I will fly tandem with Rebecca under dual training as she’s learning how to trike.

Overall, very successful day.

Sep 24/16 – Pat and Rob strart their PPG course.

We started with day of kiting also completed motor work and helmets.

Ground school tomorrow.

img_2108 img_2105 img_2102 img_2101 img_2100




Sep 21/16 am – Chris is finished!

Chris did it. #1 flights total. $ more this am. All forwards. he is very good at forwards. Practiced engine out.

Congrats Chris on finishing the course!

VIDEO – Chris flight 28

VIDEO – Chris flight 31 and engine out practice


Sep 20/16 pm – Chris 7 more flights

Chris again did quite well – 7 more flights. First reverse and all other flights were forward inflations. Practiced big ears – next is engine out emergency procedures.

VIDEO – Chris pulling big ears





Sep 20 /16 am – Chris 8 flights!

This morning things “clicked” for Chris. He did 8 flights, all reverse and all very well done. He is at 20 – time to start engine out procedures and big ears manoeuvre.


VIDEO – Chris before first flight

VIDEO – Chris after 8 flights

Sep 19/16 pm – Chris and Stephane

Both guys started withs some ground handling.


wind started to drop down so we started to get ready

img_2054 img_2053

Chris added 2 more flight to his log this pm. First reverse and second forward – both well done.

img_2062   img_2058

After flight number 1

img_2060 img_2080

After flight number 2

VIDEO – Chris after flight 2

Stephane did quite well – 5 flights.


He will soon be as good as this guy:


Ha ha ha


Stephane did 5.

Sep 19/16 am – Chris, another flight

Chris is back for more flying. Quick flight this am using reverse inflation. He has got 10 in his log book so far. 20 more to go…