Nov 26/16 – Attention Miniplane owners

Those who have purchased Miniplane should consider following improvement:

The J-bar is secured to the front of the Miniplane harness with a screw that is threaded into the J-bar. In the last course this screw fell out in flight and pilot slipped to one side which made the aircraft bit unbalanced and quite scary for the pilot.

I have decided to rivet this which is much more secure attachment. I suggest you do the same.



Nov 18/16 pm – PPG course day 6

Both Jason and Danny have completed the 30 flights requirement. Duco did 8 flights and he now sits on 24 flights total. Spectacular afternoon – I cant belive it is second half of November.

ssjg4570 untitled4




Nov 17/16 pm – Danny and Jason – PPG course day 5

Jason 5 and Danny 7 with 2 guys flying no time to take pics or video. Its very busy.

VIDEO – I am guiding Danny to descend




Nov 17/16 am – Danny and Jason – PPG course day 5

It was no wind and then wind picked up soo quickly that we have missed our short window and no one got any flights.


Nov 16/16 pm – Danny and Jason – PPG course day 4

Great flying this evening. Lots of flights by all. Jason busted prop on failed take off and Danny was hit by rogue gust front that made him land quite close to the road and power lines. Scary.




Nov 16/16 am – Danny and Jason – PPG course day 4

Misty morning, overcast. Waited till wind picked up and the guys did 2 flights each. One of my engines started to act up – blown out base cylinder head gasket because one of the head bolts loosened up.




Nov 15/16 pm – Danny and Jason – PPG course day 3

All guys did their first solo today!


VIDEO – Danny after first solo

Danny 2 flights

Jason – 2 flight

It was just stunning day – perfect to fly…

Congrats to you all on first solo flight!

Nov 15/16 am – Danny and Jason – PPG course day 3

We  more ground handling with motor on and also using power for mock up take offs. Its all going well,I think the guys will fly this pm.



Nov 14/16 – Duco, Danny and James PPG course – day 2

Motor work completed, reverse handled most of the day. Last 1/2 hour was good for forward inflation practice. Guys are getting hang of it.