Ot 15/16 am – Pat and Rob 6 flights each

Good wind this morning. Both Rob and Pat flew 6 flights each using reverse. They are really nailing it down. I was able to capture the only two small mishaps – one was Pat’s ass landing and the second was Rob landing on top of the windsock. Ha ha





Oct 14/16 pm – Rob and Pat

Very light and variable winds at the field. We waited hoping that the wind will pick up and take on direction but it did not happen. It pretty much started to die off on us but even in these difficult conditions, both Rob and Pat were able to inflate and do a mockup takeoff. I normally do not allow students to do first solo in these kind of conditions but these guys made me think they can do it. Both Rob and Pat did their first solo in almost no wind conditions. Quite remarkable–both very well done.

img_2246 img_2244 img_2243 img_2242





Congratulation on your first solo flights guys!

Oct 14/16 am – Stephane, Rob and Pat

Stepahane was on fire this morning. Everything has alined for him just perfect. Even though the forecast was for light and variable winds we had almost 3 hours of steady breeze – excellent for a reverse inflation takeoffs. Stephane worked hard and before we knew it, he has completed the 15 flights that he needed to do to complete the 30 flight requirement. we also practiced big ears and engine outs.

img_2233 img_2228





Congrats Stephan on completing the practical part of my PPG course!

Pat and Rob worked on their kiting skills – it is going very well – they will fly in the afternoon – I think.

Oct 7/16 – Bryant kiting with motor

Bryant took year off from his training and came back to get refreshed and get ready to fly again. In two hours he brought his skills back up to perfection and he is ready to fly. The only reason we did not fly was because the wind was 20 km/h gusting to 25 and in the morning that can only increase.







Oct 5/16 – Kiarash 1 flight

Kierash has been at it for very long time. He started in 2012 but only comes in once or twice a year.


So often it is two steps forward, one step back. Last night it took us about 1 hour to get him back up to kite again, then we had a perfect conditions to fly so we got ready and on the second inflation attempt Kiarash that was off the ground again. He had a good climb out but then could not get into the seat. After couple minutes of trying I guided him for a landing. Once he landed, he was quite mentally exhausted he admitted to minor panic attack in the air. He also said he could not find the edges of the seat to push on to get seated. Basically he needs to go back in the simulator and practice all this before he can fly solo again.

He has now 15 flights in a log book but he is not able to fly independently because every time we get together he forgets half of the stuff.


Oct 4/16 am – Rebecca one more flight

Very wet grass, but sunny. We did about 15 practice inflations and taxiing as this what Rebcca needeed and 1 flight to dry off the canopy.





VIDEO – Rebecca flight 10

Oct 3/16 pm – Rebecca 2 more flights

Nice evening at the field. Rebecca added 2 more flights to her log book. She has 9 now. We need to work on better taxiing skills.


VIDEO – Rebecca taxiing onto runway

Oct 3/16 am – Rebecca 5 more flights

5 flights this am. Very wet grass, and totally overcast. All went well. We have realized that it is better for Rebecca to shut the engine off just prior touchdown. We then went to Peaks and did once over on the motor which was giving us hard time but I think we got is repaired.


VIDEO – 5 flights this am

Oct 2/16 – First solo Rebecca

After 4 days of rain we finally had an opportunity to get together for more training. It was a wet morning – no wind at all. That doesn’t matter so much for trike though. We set up, first try and it was a perfect inflation and Rebecca was off the ground for the first time solo. She flew for about 15 minutes then we set up for lending and it was a good one.

After very short break we tried again, this time Rebecca needed couple tries until she locked the glider in and was able to get off the ground again. The second lending was absolutely spectacular – so soft so controlled. We tried again a few more times but I think Rebecca was getting tired when as she was not able to control the canopy and taxi properly.

With some clouds coming in and possible thunderstorms in the forecast for later in the day we decided to finish up and be happy with two flights.

Congratulations Rebecca on your first solo!

VIDEO – Rebecca first solo



Sep 28/16 – Rebecca is ready to solo

I have taken Rebecca up in my tandem for dual training this morning. We haver covered proper landing direction, correct power setting, landing abort, touch and go, proper climbing technique.


VIDEO – Rebecca after tandem dual training

Rebecca did very well and is ready to fly solo. All we need is calm weather but it does not look very well. Bummer.


Then it was off to Peaks to disassemble and assemble her paramotor, fuel it up, do pre start check, start it up and also learn how to untangle lines on paraglider.