Apr 19/17 – PPG course day 3 – pm

Rain stopped at 5 pm so at 6 we were back to ground handling. We had perfect wind for reverse and then later for forward but grass was not completely dry so the forward inflations later on were quite difficult. I had to use wineyard to dry one of the canopies and later hang them dry in my shop at home.


Guys did good job but its not perfect yet. More work is needed

Looks like it will be another misty morning tomorrow…

Apr 19/17 – PPG course day 3 – am

Another early morning. Started at 6:30 am because we knew that wind will pick up very quickly. Only managed to ground handle with small training paragliders for 1.5 hrs then it started to rain and wind started to gust to 40 km/h


Apr 18/17 – PPG course day 2 – pm

Everybody is locking in the ground handling. Looks like one more session tomorow morning but then rain in the afternoon.




Apr 18/17 – PPG course day 2 – am

Started with training tandem flight for each student at 6:30 am – ouch.

Then we ground handled till 11:30 am.

The guys are getting a lot better…

Apr 17/17 – PPG course day 1 – pm

Went to training fioeld. Learn how to put training harness on, unpack paraglider. hook up for reverse and forwatd, untangle lines, reverse inflate and forward inflate.

Apr 17/17 – PPG course day 1 – am

Mark, Darren and Maciej – Ground school completed.