Apr 18/17 – PPG course day 2 – am

Started with training tandem flight for each student at 6:30 am – ouch.

Then we ground handled till 11:30 am.

The guys are getting a lot better…

Apr 17/17 – PPG course day 1 – pm

Went to training fioeld. Learn how to put training harness on, unpack paraglider. hook up for reverse and forwatd, untangle lines, reverse inflate and forward inflate.

Apr 17/17 – PPG course day 1 – am

Mark, Darren and Maciej – Ground school completed.

March 27/17 – 1 spot available in April course

One student that was booked for April course needed to switch to May course so I now have spot for one person in my April course starting on the 17 th. Let me know if you are interested.