Apr 13/14 – PPG course day 2 – am

Started at 8 am with great conditions at the field.


Scott had his first flight. Great take off but6 afyter take off he started to fly directly at Jim who was facing Scott and acting like a deer in headlights. Since Jim was not moving I asked Scott to put bit more brake on to overfly Jim at safe altitude but Scott pretty much burried the brakes which made me to to say “hands up, hands up , hand up” he did and from then on it was OK. After 1 circuit I have noticed that Scott did not have much penetration so we have prepared for landing. It was good and very soft one one but like majority of students did not stay on jhis feet and went down on his knees. Very common on the first flight!

Once Scott landed we took small break to debrief.

photo 3

photo 2

After both Jim and Talitha put the motors on their back and ground handled with those no problem.

photo 4

They are ready to fly. Just need calm conditions.

Eventually wind picked up and startyed to gust to 35 km/h We could only use the small training paragliders and even then it was getting to be too much. We packed up at noon – its siesta time. Back at it in the evening.


Congrats Scott on you first solo flight!