Apr 13/14 – PPG course day 2 – pm

The forecast for this evening was really crappy. Jim has decided to take the night off – he said he was little sore after all that work in the past day and a half. Scott was only planning to train Saturday and Sunday but because the forecast for this evening was so bad he decided to take off and go back home so that left me and Talitha.

photo 4

We have arrived at the field at 5:30 but the wind was howling. So we sat in the car and chatted  – the wind did start to decrease but not until 7:30 even then though it was too windy. Finally around 8 o’clock the wind has died enough that we have decided to do a little bit of ground handling. Seeing the further decrease in the wind velocity I thought maybe there is possibility for Talitha to fly. I got set of gear out of the trailer, went for quick flight and the air was good…

Soooo we went for it. We only had about 15 minutes of usable light so things were rushed a bit. Once ready, Talitha had a very good take off and a decent flight – unfortunately she was not able to get into the  seat. It was either inexperience or perhaps her leg straps were just touch lose. Anyway not bad landing off the runway in muddy bean field. Yuck!

Over all though very well done given some radio difficulties we had.

Congrats on you first solo flight Talitha!