Apr 16/14 – PPG course day 5 – pm

Temperature in the afternoon was bit better but still only 4°C. both Jim and to Lita had set up their gear and since Jim had good flight in the morning he let Tal to go first. She got ready, we tried several times but she has lost her ground handling skills. Since Talita needed break I went to Jim and he also struggled with the weight of the motor and the inflation techniques. So we had no choice but to get rid of the paramotors and go back to training harnesses and start basic ground handling again. After about 20 minutes I asked Talitha if she wanted to give it another go with the paramotor and she said absolutely! Yes. We got ready and in no time time she was in the air – this time in a very nice and controlled fashion.

photo 4


she had very smooth flight she was able to get in the seat and made fairly good landing. And of course she was very happy and so was. Good work Talitha on the flight number three.


Jim has tried as well or not but his mojo wasn’t working and he needed rest soon. Wind has died down which makes powerparagliding quite difficult so we decided to pack up and go home.