Apr 16/16 – 3 students in this PPG course

I got Kevin, Govindan and Jason in this PPG course. Kevin asked not to be put on web so there will be no pics of him.

Ground school went very well, I had all the forms pre filled with student’s personal information so that saved us a lot of time. I also had all the simulators and motors fully assembled so we were able to manage everything in very good time.

IMG_0593  Jason

IMG_0594  Govindan

Giving the beautiful conditions at the field with the right amount of wind it was good that ground school was finished by 230. That gave us solid five hours at the field. We started with usual. Learning about the wind. Learning about the field. Learning how to get glider out of the bag nd how to put on training harness on.  Unpack paraglider and hook it up for reverse inflation.

Then it was ground handling four hours on. Everybody’s doing well but there is no champion yet. This is the most frustrating part but It’s also the hardest part. We finished at 8 PM. Very long day, that was 12 hours of work with the rest. I do earn my money. Feeling a little stiff going to bed.

We will resume today  at 10 AM and plan to put full day of work in.