Apr 18/14 – PPG course day 7 – am

This morning the weather at the field was overcast. Wind was about 20 km/h  – bit more then what I have expected. Talitha and Jim got ready. Jim took off first – it was just quick circuit and immediately down for landing. Jim again was pulling a little too much break on take off but other than that very good flight and excellent landing. Tal also had a very good flight – everything was perfect there’s nothing I would fix. Then wind started to get stronger and gust up so I pulled out my wind measuring pitot tube and since we were seeing gusts up to 25 kilometres per hour and more we had to pack up.

The forecast for tonight is 50-50 – both Jim and Tal decided to go home and they will come back for two more days of training in the future.

Both students accomplished five solo flights which is below average but it is not their fault. We had two very bad days where we could not even ground handle and even those days when conditions were okay our windows of opportunity were always less than normal. So over all both Jim and Talita did really well.

Congratulations to you  both on your ability to fly PPG solo.