Aug 12/14 – Very nice note from Pat

Very nice note from Pat – former student Spring 2013

Hi Andre,

Just a bit of an update on my awesome flying​ life since finishing your course May 9 2013. I am still flying the Kangook Classic with Moster 185 engine while using a reflex Apco Force Medium 27 meter wing. Like any engine running at such high RPMs I have had issues but over all I am glad I was handy enough to fix them all myself and get back in the air.

It’s been well over a year that I have been qualified but I did not fly at all during the winter…so this month makes exactly one year of flying. I thought I would share some stats with you:

– 101 flights (YAY Awsome to get that under my belt!

– 2067 km in the air

– 3821 minutes (63 hrs)

– Approximately 275 litres of gas and 7 litres of oil

– $$$ As for parts needed for stupid mistakes, I wont get into that!! :-)

I’ve flown all around the areas in the Ottawa and have several sites to choose from and also belong to a paramotor club in Gatineau across the river. I love flying by myself but it’s also nice get out with other pilots as well.

Thanks for your great guidance, fast parts delivery and superior teaching! I am sure as most of your students have said before…” I wish I had started 10 years earlier!”

Ottawa Ontario