Aug 22/16 pm – PPG course Chris, Massimo and Stephane

IMG_1866 From left to right: Massimo, Chris and Stephane

We have waited from 4 PM to 7 PM for the wind to die and it finally did. Then mayham started. Massimo tried first but he was having hard time inflating with a new type of paraglider that he was given. I then went to Stephane and he took off no problem using reverse inflation. After him Chris was ready to try for his first solo. He nailed it on the first try! Beautiful forward inflation he applied power gradually but with commitment and he was off the ground. We ended up switching Massiomos glider for a size large but at the same time I have noticed that neither Chris or Stephan are replying to my queries. The bouth lost radio comment the same time. I wasn’t worrying about Stephan who is experience sky diver but Chris was up in the sky for the first time completely on his own solo and solo. No advice from the instructor at all. Surprisingly both of them did not mind and cruising above enjoying themselves to the point where I thought they’re playing practical joke on me at this point I was worrying about it especially about Chris since this was his first. Finally after about 25 minutes most guys decided to land and did it completely under own which is quite remarkable. Then Massimo tried to take off again but at this point when died off and it was impossible to get off the ground for a beginner. What an adrenaline rush, Little too much actually. Not nonetheless congratulations Chris on your first unguided solo it’s you have managed extremely well. Nice flight for Stephan as well, he was pretty happy because last time we were together he spent two hours trying to lock in inflation and failed every time. Unfortunately no flight from Massimo but he will make it up tomorrow morning. Then it was off for a beer as the old needed a cold one after such an exciting evening.