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June 21/17 – PPG course day 5 am

It was an excellent morning today. Nice and cool, grass was little bit dewy but sun burned it off very quickly. When we started to set up we only had 5 km/h wind. Kevin were first to go, he tried few forwards but they didn’t work for him. After those failed attempts I went to […]

June 20/17 – PPG course day 4 am

The plan was to meet at 7 AM at the field. For some reason I woke up at 4 o’clock in the morning after five hours of sleep, checked the weather and it was 20 km/h wind. I thought that’s quite a bit this early in the morning. By 6:00 AM the wind was 24 […]

June 19/17 – PPG course day 3 pm

The forecast was calling for high winds till 8 PM but you never know, it can change. Our plan was to meet at 6 PM and wait it out. I double checked the forecast around 4 PM and noticed that it was much better. So we para waited at the field from 5 PM to […]

June 19/17 – PPG course day 3 am

This morning at 6:30 AM there was almost no wind at the field. The grass was a bit wet and it was overcast. We started with forward inflations and Mike quickly locked those in. Konstantin and Kevin needed a little help but that’s normal. Mike was so good that I have asked him to put […]

June 19/17 – Feedback from Mr. E

Mr. E was in May course and this is what he wrote as far as feedback goes. “I am a licensed commercial helicopter pilot and had always wanted to try motorized paragliding. I found Mr. Zeman’s website and was very impressed, all relevant information could be found there and always up-to-date. His e-mail communication was […]

June 17/17 – PPG course Mike, Kevin and Konstantin

Three guys in this course – Mike, Kevin and Konstantin. The weather forecast for Saturday was very good but Sunday forecast was calling for very high winds. Therefore, we have decided to switch the order and go to do kiting at the field on Saturday and do ground school on Sunday. It was very decent […]