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Apr 18/13 – David’s engine is fixed but…

I feel bad for David. He purchased his gear online and it was not the way it was advertised. We had to pretty much fix everything on this motor. But we got it done. She is now running like a charm! David is ready to fly, we need the wind to come down but it […]

Apr 16/13 – Bad weather good for fixing

Both Ryan and David purchased their own paramotors – not new, used. So there was bunch of issues we needed to fix – both machines were not ready for flying. Spend pretty much all day working in the shop.   Ryan’s paramotor is ready to fly but David’s still needs some work.

Apr 15/13 – David starts his PPG course

After morning session with Ryan, David showed up and we did all the ground school stuff and worked on his motor bit. Then of to field for some ground handling. Ryan joined us at 6 pm and managed 3 more flights in very windy conditions. Very long day for me – I am tired!