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Sep 15/12 – Irek and Markus

Irek ground handled and Markus added 5 more flights to his log book   Irek under suspicious sky.. he is ready to fly! Markus finally nailed his landings and cleaned his take offs. Very well done both of you.      

Sep 3/12 to Sep 12/12 – News

Sep 12/12    See -Yong and Kiarash add 2 more flights each to their log books   Kairash    Roger cruising….   Future pilots…. Sep 11/12    Roger is flying a lot… Sep 11/12  Stoney Creek Fly in – written by former student Paul Barker Stoney has confirmed that the 22nd will be okay, so… the consensus rules, the 22nd […]

Oct 28/01 to Aug 29/12 – News

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