Apr 26/13 – Andrew, Sergei and Darren 7 flights

Both Sergei and Andrew needed to ground handle so we started at 2 pm. Winds were nice SW 15 to 20 km/h. Sergei was using the very small but fast training glider and Andrew had the Fides 2 size 24. Both did quite well and Sergei is ready to fly.


Sergei ground handling

Andrew ground handling






Andrew with his Cima K 2

At 4 pm Darren showed up eager to fly. He ground handled for 1 hour then winds came down.


All 3 students have it up….chi chi

Darren quickly managed 7 solo flights tonight. Congrats!

Apr 24/13 – Andrew starts his accelerated paramotor course

Did the usual first day stuff. My ground school is getting better and better. Big screen TV and pretty nice Keynote presentation. Definitely more sophisticated then sheets of paper hanging on the wall by clips…




Andrew in simulator

Apr 23/13 – Greg, 3 more PPG flights

Greg started with his paramotor training late November and managed first flight early December. Greg got nausea so bad the another flight was out of question that day. Then I put my gear away for the winter so today was the day when we will see if the nausea was a fluke or whether that will be an on going problem.

Greg was bit nervous because it was pretty much 4 months since his first and last flight. He had couple of nice forward inflations but was hesitant to add power. After about 3 tries he finally went for it only to stop running… He had a stumble and nicked the prop. We did not actually noticed it, so his first flight today was on a damaged prop.

Unfortunately Greg got sick again, not perhaps as bad as last time. We changed the prop then Greg did two more flights but very very short. Pretty much take off, large circle and lading. This did not seem to bother him too much so there is a hope after all.




Greg after flight


Apr 22/13 – Darren first flight and David 5 more

This afternoon Darren came back for his second training day. Started at 2:30 pm and by 6 pm Darren had it down.




Darren ground handling

We have strapped the motor on at 6:15 and by 6:30 Darren was flying for the first time. Great take off and even better landing.


Darren after first flight

Congrats Darren!

David did not get his carburetor fixed – it is worn out. He needs new WB 37c. So he was using my gear and added another 5 flights to his log.

Apr 22/13 – David, 4 more PPG flights

At 7 am it was bit warmer at the field – 2 celsius. Still cold though. We had slight wind from SE for the first 3 flights. All nice forward take offs and landings. The last flight was reverse then it got too bumpy to continue. Good job, David, on adding g 4 more paramotor flights to your logbook.



David at the end of the session.


Apr 21/13 – David, still engine problems and bad weather ;-(

The evening session did not turned out so well. We have discovered that on David’s motor, fuel is leaking from carburetor onto muffler – not good. Did not want to turn David to Katniss from Hunger Games. We waited for wind to come down but it did not! Damn – forecast was good. Crap! We will try again tomorrow early morning.

Just before we packed it in.



David riding his S-Trike before we discovered the leak.

Apr 21/13 – David, first 6 paramotor flights

So weather finally started to co-operate. This morning we started at 7 am. No wind – 5 Celsius. Brrr. Where is spring? By the time we set up very very slight breeze. I was hoping that David did not forget anything in the 2.5 days that we could not do any flying due to high winds. And he did not. ALL his forwards were flawless and take off good as well. In short time David managed 6 flights. CONGRATULATIONS!




David on flight numero uno.

David landing into “thermal hole”

David after 6 sucesful flights.


Apr 18/13 – David’s engine is fixed but…

I feel bad for David. He purchased his gear online and it was not the way it was advertised. We had to pretty much fix everything on this motor. But we got it done. She is now running like a charm!

David is ready to fly, we need the wind to come down but it is not going to happen till Sunday morning. GRRRR.

Screen Shot 2013-04-18 at 5.55.47 PM

Apr 17/13 – An evening with David :-(

The plan was to fly foot launch using my gear. Also assemble the Flat top and S trike and either just ride it to get used to it or if weather cooperates to try some trike taxiing. We tried to start Davids motor but it was giving us all sorts of troubles. After investigating further I have realized that there was cylinder gasket missing, cylinder head was scored and carburator was altered and leaking fuel.





He purchased this motor used and has never seen it before it was set and done. Unfortunately this is the risk you run trying to save $. At the present time we will try to fix his motor (again) but I am not sure if I have all the parts we need.

Unfortunately, the wind did not come down. I did go for quick flight to check the air and also demo PPG to Andrew but needed to descend on “big ears”. It was nasty. 12 kts from east is always awful!




Apr 17/13 – Ryan has finished his PPG training

This morning Ryan completed last 5 paramotor flights to have 30 in his log book.


He is done. Congratulations!


Happy pilot

After Ryan left me and David worked on kiting.







David – nice forward