Apr 16/13 – Bad weather good for fixing

Both Ryan and David purchased their own paramotors – not new, used. So there was bunch of issues we needed to fix – both machines were not ready for flying. Spend pretty much all day working in the shop.



Ryan’s paramotor is ready to fly but David’s still needs some work.

Apr 15/13 – David starts his PPG course

After morning session with Ryan, David showed up and we did all the ground school stuff and worked on his motor bit.


Then of to field for some ground handling. Ryan joined us at 6 pm and managed 3 more flights in very windy conditions.

Very long day for me – I am tired!


Apr 15/13 – Ryan 12 more flights

Aaron only booked Sat and Sunday so this morning it was just me and Ryan. Started just before 7 am and conditions were good. Ryan quickly managed to add 12 more flights to his log book.



Take off 1

Take off 2

Landing 1

Landing 2


Apr 14/13 – Ryan 10 flights and Aaron 6 flights

What a great day. Started of quite gusty but by 4 pm it was flyable and both Ryan and Aaron did incredibly well.

IMG_2862 IMG_2861

Rayn 10 flights and Aaron 6 flights


Aaron landing – flight number 1

Both students in the air.

Both students at the end of the session.

Apr 13/13 – Ryan and Aaron start the PPG training

Same as always. Ground school and simulator.


Aaron in simulator.

Off to the field – super windy. Gusting up to 40 km/h.

Did all the motor stuff.



VERY windy

Ryan wrestling the training glider in 30 km/h plus winds

Powered runs

Powerful little engines…

Very fun day. Looking forward to tomorrow.


Apr 7/13 – Sergei started his PPG training

Same thing as usual.

Ground school, indoor simulator, Pre solo exam, SPP issued, practice runs with paramotor and learning about paraglider. Too windy to go to the field to practice.



Indoor simulator – VIDEO


Sergei will be scheduling his training days based on his schedule and my availability as he lives relatively close to St. Catharines. Read more

Apr 2/13 – Darren started his PPG training

Started at 9 am. Ground school done by 3 pm. SPP issued.


Then off to training field to do the usual. Hook ups, forward and reverse. Untangle lines etc.

photo-2   then practice with motor. photo-4

and here is short video video

Darren will be scheduling his training days based on his schedule and my availability as he lives relatively close to St. Catharines.


Dec 17/12 – Stan finished his license

Stan was a great student to teach. Definitely above average. Calm, cool collected.

  Just before landing….

      Here is his flight # 26

Very well done Stan – congratulations!