Apr 25/18 am – PPG course

Bad weather this am and most likely pm as well.


Apr 24/18 pm – PPG course

Forecast not very good – we all decided to take the night off


Apr 24/18 am – PPG course

Duncan added 3 more flights to his log book this am. July had some difficulties and did not managed to get in the air. Wind picked up very quickly so it was very short training session.

Apr 23/18 – PPG course day 3

Gino did ground handling and locked in reverse kiting. We also did motor work and radio helmet.

Duncan did 7 flights 3 reverses in strong wind and 4 forwards

Julie is getting very close. Revers is still tricky for her but forwards work very well. She will fly soon.

Apr 22/18 – PPG course day 2

Second day of PPG training.

Started at 11 o’clock in the morning because there was no wind in the forecast before that. My old student Ben showed up at the field early and confirm that there was no wind to speak of from 8 o’clock till 11 o’clock.

We start to ground handle but within half an hour we were gettin very strong thermal cycle with gusts and then no winds. We decided to go to the motors and learn preflight checks start ups, get familiar with helmets and do our running exercises. Then we end up sitting around waiting for the wind to smooth out till 330 in the afternoon.

At 3:30 we went back to the gliders and start to ground handle again it was still bit gusty but manageable. Around 6 o’clock it really started to smooth out, so we tried forward inflations which we didn’t get a chance to practice before. Both Andy and Duncan picked it up real quick. They both had same level of ground handling skills but since Duncan is a skydiver I knew he would be fine in the air so we decided to try him for for first solo.

After five botched forwards he did lock one in and took off. There was a fair amount of break input on a climb out which I spoted right away and adviced to move hands up ASAP which Duncan did no problem and from then on he was just flying around like a pro.

Because it was late in the evening and the sun was already Setting we just started to pack and I allowed him to enjoy the air. He proceeded to fly for about 20 minutes and landed with fumes only in his gas tank. Again, being a skydiver, his landing was flawless.

Andy is next. Julia has still work to do.

It was beautiful and sunny afternoon at the field.


Apr 22/18 – 1 hour on CH 701

I am running PPG class but the forecast for this early morning was for light variable winds. Not very good conditions to train PPG so we have decided to start later in the day. This freed up my morning to fly my 701. I did not have time for any XC flying so I stayed in the circuits and did aboyt 10 take offfs and landings. The smnoothest air ever. I have “greased” every landing. It was a lot of fun and I actually had to close the heat to the cabin. Nice change after winter flying!

Apr 21/18 – PPG course day 1

4 students completed ground school. From left to right: Gino, Julie, Duncan and behind is Andy

Then 3 continued at the field.

Busy day but a lot was acomplished. Andy is kiting really well, Duncan is right behind him, Julie still needs bit more time.

Apr 9/18 – 2.4 hrs on 701

A few circuits then flew from CNZ8 Grimsby to CYSN St. Catharines. Landed, took short break and flew back. Then farted around Grimsby. It was awesome. Love the cabin heat in this weather!



Mar 29/18 – Flying CH 701

Another 1.6 hrs in my Zenair CH 701 STOL. Mostly in circuit – I am really starting to grease the landings. Short XC flight to Grimsby then east along lake shore and then back to CNZ8

Great fun


March 12/18 – Another 1.3 hr on my 701

Managed 10 circuits before it started to snow.