June 18/17 – PPG course Mike, Kevin and Konstantin day 2

We started very early this morning – 6 AM – ouch.

Very nice and warm morning. Winds were around 20 km/h and this gave us a chance to practice reverse inflations with the real size paragliders. We did some hand tows and worked with mock up throttles.

At 9 o’clock  it got too strong and too gusty so we packed up I went to Peaks to do the ground school.

We have accomplished everything by 5 o’clock. P star was written and student pilots permits were issued.

Great day, I’m glad we end up switching the order because it was super windy and raining later in the afternoon today.Tomorrow looks like a good day we are meeting at the field at 6:30 AM




June 17/17 – PPG course Mike, Kevin and Konstantin

Three guys in this course – Mike, Kevin and Konstantin.

The weather forecast for Saturday was very good but Sunday forecast was calling for very high winds. Therefore, we have decided to switch the order and go to do kiting at the field on Saturday and do ground school on Sunday.

It was very decent day at the field – we got lots accomplished. Mike have mastered the reverse inflation in 15 minutes because he is kite surfer and it was quite similar to kite paraglider in reverse. He had much harder time with forward handling because it is quite different.

Kevin initially struggled a bit but caught on soon. Konstantin is working slowly and meticioulsy – a guy like that often first one to solo.

Great day.

It looks like we will do some kiting on Sunday morning and then ground school for the rest of the day. Winds are supposed to be very high and we will have some rain later in the afternoon.




June 9/17 – Flying with Matt

It was one beautiful morning!




June 3/17 pm – Jason 5 flights

We had to wait from 4:30 to 8:30 for the wind to come down.

Once it did, Jason added 5 flights to his log book. All reverse inflations and all quite well done.

Congratulation Jason on getting back on the flight horse! Ha




June 3/17 am – Kiting with Jason

Its been a year since Jason flew last time. We have re connected this morning to get him back up to speed. He is picking it up very quickly and will most likely fly tonight.


May 29/17 – Terrible winds this spring

The weather is still quite unsettled. Windy all the time and lots of rain. Not very good spring for PPG this year At least so far.

May 16/17 – Maciej finished his training

We had mazing night at the field. Warm SW wind. It was bit too windy to start but after 1 hour para-waiting the conditions were perfect. Maciej added 17 more flights to his log book. Some reverses and some forwards. We also practiced big ears, straight climb under full power and several forced landing excersises, Maciej did very well and passed the course requirements.


Now you need to pass the ULTRA exam at Transport Canada office.









May 16/17 – 2 tandems this am

It was very cold and early morning for me – 4:45 am wake up and only 6 C. Ouch.

These 2 tandems were planned for Wednesday night but 2.5 day forecast was showing very high winds. Sot we have switched it to today morning.

Grass was quite wet but we did have tiny breeze from south which helped. The air was extremely smooth. No bump at all during the 2.5 hours it took me to do the 2 flights. Both passengers learned how to steer the aircraft – which is very easy.

I have tried to come close to the ground as I always do in the second part of the flight but it was simply too cold. It felt like descending to a freezer. I shiver just to think about it.

May 12/17 – PPG course day 7 pm

Mr E w2as on fire – got ‘er done. 17 flights in the evening. He has passed forced landing excersises, big fears and climb out straight under full power.

Congrats on finishing the course requirements Mr E!

Sheldon still working on kiting but it is much better now.

I lost all pics and videos from this session. Mr E has copies of those and p[romised he will email it to me.