July 15/13 – Herman 5 more flights and wires crossed!

I got together with Herman tonight – there was hardly any wind at the field but Herman finally have his “break through” and proceeded to do five flights – all forward inflations – all done really well.

Screen Shot 2013-07-18 at 8.33.23 AM

I also brought to the field a new paramotor that Graham has purchased. I fuelled it up tried to get it started but no luck. It was backfiring and not running well. It felt like the ignition timing was off so we removed the engine and started to take it apart trying to get to the pick up which really wasn’t smart.


Engines from Vittorazi are tested and run in factory so there was no reason why this engine wouldn’t work – it must’ve been something related to the installation of the engine. Finally we thought, what if the wires for the ignition module were crossed?  So we put the engine back together – this is now in almost complete dark and the mosquitoes are attacking big time – we reversed the wires in the ignition module and couple pulls later she starts. I can’t believe I made such simple and stupid mistake. GRRR.