July 19/23 – I love flying. Again…

I have noticed that in the last couple years that I don’t fly as much as I used to. After flying Walkerjet paramotors for years with extremely low hang points it was quite difficult for me to stay up in the air for extended periods of time on high hook up. J bars and a high hang points is a great system to teach beginners and also for short flights. After a while though my shoulders would start to hurt and my arms would get tired. I did not want to go back to the low attachment because all the machines I run have high points for teaching. So I put some thought into it and made simple extension toggles.


These are clicked to belly strap on my harness for takeoff and landing. Once in the air and settled in, I unclip them from the harness, clip them onto the regular paraglider steering toggles which brings my arms down to comfortable level. This is much better way to fly – I love it! The only danger is that now the extended toggles reach further back towards the cage so one has to be careful. I tested this for the possibility of the extensions getting into the prop but I still have 5 inches clearance no matter what I do. Since one can’t be safe enough, when I need to let go of the extended steering toggles I actually click them into the trim tab strap loops. See pic.

Mail Attachment

Any of you who have high hang points and your arms are hurting on long flights email me, and I can ship you a set for $ 40.00 + tax and shipping.