July 30/15 – Flying for fun

This Monday I had a great flight from St. Catharines to Collingwood.


Took off at 1o am, asked for flight following as our route was through one of the busiest corridor in North America. Passing by Brampton we had close to 10 light aircraft in sight! Awesome trip. The smoothest flight ever.

IMG_9141 IMG_9138 IMG_9139

Landed in Collingwood and took our friends for flight to see their property from the air. Trip back next day went without the hitch too. It was not as busy as day before so we got to stay at 3000 through Pearsons airspace which is great for safety reasons.

In the evening I had incredible PPG flight with my friend Chris – it was one of those magical calm, warm evenings. I LOVE flying…