July 3/13 pm – So far Marc 23 flights, Byron 29 flights and Denis 14 flights

Another great evening. We went to our primary field but had some thunder cells near by so decided to go to another field that is about 25 km away. It was good call. It was nice and flyable there. All tree guys flew great. Byron only needs 1 more flight to get his license. Marc has seven more to go. Denis 16 more. Even though Denis has the least amount of flights, his inflations are solid, he does not make mistakes and it is truly quality over quantity.


Byron – flight 4 from Go Pro


Graham joined us and managed quick 10 flights – he is done!


Got his 30 solos. Congratulation Graham and completing you practical requirement. Now the ULTRA exam.

At the end we went for beer – ohhh sweet!