June 11/13 – Do not ask me about the Moster engine unless you are over 200 lb

OK. I just spend 45 min trying to convince this guy on the phone that Moster engine will be too big for him at 168 lb. Guys, I am getting tired of this. Please trust me, Moster is very powerful engine that is good for BIG guys. Is you are under 200 lb, forget it! If you buy it, you will regret it.


Also I often hear  “I would like to foot launch, trike and do tandem and all this with one set of gear”. It is impossible! If you try to purchase something that will do it all, it will be heavy and hard to foot launch in low wind and not powerful enough for tandem – which is illegal anyway unless you are an instructor. Just focus on one thing and one thing only – then you have a chance to enjoy this sport. The lightest gear, the better. Honestly! Please and thank you.