June 11/14 – Frames and cages

Please note that cage on paramotor is designed to keep paraglider lines away from a spinning propeller, it also provides visual and “touch” warning so pilot will not put his/her hands through the prop by mistake.

Paramotor cages are NOT designed to protect propeller when pilots stumbles and falls down on either take off or landing.

If you inflate the canopy and add power without taking the time to centre your self the glider will start to oscillate, you will fall down, break propeller and most likely damage one cage section.

Please do not blame your unit if this happens, it is your own fault. All pramotors are the same in this aspect. Manufactures could build cages that would be very strong and offer 100 % prop protection but the unit would be way too heavy and foot launching would be impossible.

So…. do not fall down on take off or landing!