June 12/13 – Busy night. Graham is Superman!

4 guys: Todd who came at 5 pm to brush up on his ground handling. At 6 Hugues, Graham and Herman showed up. The forecast was excellent for flying but perhaps not so great four training. In other wrods there was not a lot of wind and it was dropping rapidly. First was Herman to try. We have aborted about 6 inflations until he finally got one lined up. he started to throthle up but at the moment of lift of he proceeded to jump into the seat which is classic beginner mistake, he realized what he did started to run again but things weren’t working out anymore and he needed to shut off the engine and abort and that is what he did. Hugues was ready to go he also busted one inflation, but on the second one, he was off. He did pull tremendous amount of break on the take off and I had to tell him on the radio to release. But he was in the air nonetheless and I thought that here goes again he’s going to rip eight flights. Meanwhile Todd was setting his paramotor and paraglider – getting ready to fly. Graham showed up and he was also unpacking his new Cima K 2 S and setting his paramotor. Hughes came around to land, beautiful lending, but then he walked back to where we were and he said that he pulled a muscle in his leg on the take off and may not be able to fly tonight anymore. What a bummer. Todd set up at this point, we have absolutely no wind, nice forward inflation, full power he runs and he’s in the air except he can’t get into the seat. Oh crap. I know how uncomfortable that is. Well couple quick circles and he comes into land. Absolutely beautiful and flawless landing. Hermann is ready to go again. He set up and after four failed inflations I realize that he’s lacking basic ground handling skills. We have to go back to the drawing board and start on the ground handling again. Meanwhile Graham is going around like a energizer bunny. Four flights and four touch and goes later he wraps it up – what a beautiful flying he is really ripping it. It was kind of bittersweet night – I was hoping that Hughes would be able to do more flying and I was hoping for more wind. Everybody did well giving their means and Graham is a Superman!

VIDEO: Graham at the end of his flying session