June 21/17 – PPG course day 5 pm

Last night was finally one of those late afternoon and evenings that is perfectly suitable for PPG training. Three hours before sunset when starting to come down, the cummulus clouds disappeared and wind started to get smooth. Kevin was anxious to put more flights in his logbook and Konstantin was hoping for his first solo.

The plan was to send Kevin up first to see how windy it is above and if the conditions are appropriate Konstantin will try. Is it exactly what we did. Kevin did two quick climbs can landed for a short break and that was a time to get Konstantin flying.

We set up, and after couple failed reverse inflation Konstantin locked in the glider, turned around and I told him to apply power. He did without hesitation and after a few short steps he was in the air.

Meanwhile Kevin continued flying including several touch and goes. I gave Konstantin good half an hour to enjoyed year because conditions nice and smooth and he worked really really hard for this. After half an hour I have assisted Konstantin into land and I have to touchdown I have seen one of the strongest emotional reaction to this milestone in Kontantins life. It was very powerful.

Kevin kept on flying and improving to the point where he is now landing on his own, doing touch and goes and thanks for working for him really well. He ended up with 10 flights last night. That makes it 16 for him.

Log book Kevin Dybka

Replanted practice big ears. emergency forced landings and straight climbing. Kevin will be done soon and that is a good thing because he came for this course all the way from Winnipeg.

Very successful evening, went for a bite to eat and beer and celebrated Kevin and Konstantine’s achievement. Mike is standing by mostly taking video and helping out because his shoulder is really sore hey will take a while to heal it properly.





After pretty good landing we set up again this time for forward insulation