June 28/17 am – Tandem with Eric

It was beautiful morning. Grass was dry and no wind. It took me six tries to get off the ground. Grrr. I could not figure out why but then I have realized that I left my baseball cap on and put my helmet over top of it?! The sunshield was restricting my vision. What a dummy I am! I’ve done this once before.

Flight itself is quite bumpy near the ground even though it was very early in the morning. We end up climbing to about 2000 feet to enjoy very smooth air but not a lot of penetration up there. We have worked our way towards Welland canal but it was slow On our way back though we were clicking about 70 km/h per hour. Very bumpy and quite thermally on my landing approach.

Great flight after while. I’m glad we finally got to do it because we had to reschedule about five times. Not very good season this year for PPG