June 4/13 – Ground handling with Graham, Greg and Kiarash

Forecast called for 20 km/h steady to 10 pm which would be acceptable for flying. Graham, Greg and Kiarash all have 4 flights in their respective log books and we were hoping to add more. At 5 pm when Kiarash has arrived we had nice breeze, bit too gusty but that was to be expected 4 hrs before sunset. We started with kiting as last time Kiarash flew was in Sep 2012. He did not forget anything.  I guess once you know how to kite, it is like riding bicycle – you will never forget. After 30 min wind started to pick up and becoming gustier which was quite unusual especially since the wind was coming from SW which usually guarantees great flying. Not this time. By the time Greg and Graham showed up we had gusts up to 30 km/h. We all ground handled for an hour or so. At one pont we had to sit out as it was quite gusty. I looked at the forecast again and it has changed, current conditions were going to stay till 10 pm. That was it. No chance to fly. Bummer.


Kiarash kiting

VIDEO: Kiarash kiting


These puppies stayed in the trailer ;-(