June 7/13 – Flying circus tonight!

Graham 4 flights, Greg 4 flights, Darren 8 flights. What a great evening. Overcast winds from 10 to 15 km/h NNE. Perfect conditions. Greg showed up first and just as he was about to take off Darren showed hop. I had the gear ready for them so they were in the air 5 min after arrival. Darren has got it. He does not need any assistance at all. Gred did not get very nauseated this time even though he stayed up for quite a while on couple of flights. Garaham also did well. $ flight added to his log book. All are fine tuning their techniques and that is gbest done with bunch of flights back to back.





VIDEO: Darren, touch and go

VIDEO: Darren touch and go 2

VIDEO: Darren interview