March 9/14 – I guess I do not suck at flying an aeroplane

Last night our St. Catharines Flying Club hosted an Annual banquet. It is dress up dinner affair where certificates of achievement are handed over to pilots who either get their Recreational permit or Private license or additional ratings such as night flying, multiengine, IFR, commercial etc.


It was a great time. I have met new pilots, had very tasty meal and enjoyed keynote speaker Ricardo Traven who is the test pilot for the Super Hornet fighter jet by Boeing. I have received my Recreational permit certificate but I was also announced as Recreational Pilot of the Year! The flying club combines the student’s score from the written exam and from the practical flight test and who ever scores the highest, will get their name on the “Recreational Pilot of the Year” trophy. This year it was me!

Wow I did not expect this at all. I am used to perfection when I am flying PPG, but I am certinately not perfect when it comes to flying an aeroplane. With the instructor always demanding higher level of skill and new excersises being introduced all the time, you always feel like you suck at it especially because you can’t compare your self with other students. Anyway, I guess I am not that bad and I have pictures and trophy to prove it!


And here again with my instructor Chris