May 23/13 – Please do not call me on days when forecast for flying is bad.

Please do not call me to ask if we are going to train if the weather forecast is bad. Here is a simple way to be able to figure out if the weather will be suitable for PPG training.

Download free app called “AeroWeather” – 4th from top on the right side.


Once you download it, under STATION tap the + button.


Go to ICAO and enter KIAG, select the Niagara Falls International Airport then “add selected” in the bottom right corner.


Update the forecast info by hitting the left bottom refresh icon. Then go to settings – bottom right


Go to Units


Go to Wind


Select km/h


Add your own airport if you wish. I look at KIAG – Niagara Falls International Airport and/or CYSN – St. Catharines regional Airport


To get forecast, tap the desired airport. You will first get METAR. METARs typically come from airports or permanent weather observation stations. Reports are generated once an hour. If you scroll down you will see TAF – a terminal area forecast


Scroll down and you will see TAF time periods – ignore the first one – it is an average for the next 24 hrs.

  • If the forecasted winds are more then 30 km/h we will not ground handle.
  • If the forecasted winds are more then 20 km/h we will not fly
  • If the forecasted winds are more then 10 km/h we will not trike.