May 28/16 am – Scott and Graham

Started early with Scott. He has already finished his 30 flights and got signed off but `recently decided to use trike and some conversion training was needed. At 7:30 AM the wind was already picking up close to 10 km/h so I have decided that instead of using Scott’s extra large canopy we were using my – size small. That has bought us some time and we were able to do one and half hour of practice taxiing. By the end of it, Scott was getting hang of it but then when picked up to almost 15 and that was too much. We decided to finish as with more wind there is way bigger chance of getting the trike tipped.


Graham has arrived at 9:30 in the morning. We had very good wind for reverse inflations. Incredible change happen overnight basically Graham was nailing it on every try – perfect skill. Unfortunately the heat was so impressive and in about an hour and a half Graham was done. It was just too hot. I think Graham had a real heat exhaustion/heat stroke. Well, we’ll be back at it tonight and if the weather is good, Graham will fly.