June 1/14 – CYSN to CYGD and back on June 2/14

David and Scott were booked for PPG traning both Friday and Saturday but we had such a great night on Friday, that they both finished. So all of the sudden, I had free day and night on my hands. I thought it would be cool to go and visit my in-laws who have cottage just south of Bayfield. Quick telefone call to make sure they are free and will pick us up, and want to go for local sight seeing flight. Next thing you know me and my wife are taking off from St. Catharines heading for Goderich. 116 NM (214 km) which is going to take is 1 hr and 10 min.

photo 1

Flight plan is filed so here we are, lovely calm air at 4500 ft…

photo 1

Lets figure out Goderich airport first before we get there.

photo 2

Here are my in-laws ready for sightseeing flight along the lake shore of lake Huron.

photo 2

And here we are after landing back at Goderich.

photo 3

This morning, flight back. Got weather briefed by FIC in London. Checked NOTAMS. All good so off we go. Decided to take slightly different route also flew at 5500 ft as we were on easterly heading.


Again super sweet air, no turbulance at all. Here is all the info on CYSN – St. Catharines.


What amazing adventure… Loved it! Wanna do it more!