May 5/13 – Pat, Paul and Bob course – day 2 – am – Pat flight number 2

This morning wind was light and variable. Paul was forward inflating Cima K 2 M and Bob Fides 2 size XS. Pat tried to forward inflate his glider but I could tell it was very difficult nearly impossible. I gave him my Cima L and now it was piece of cake. Pat got another flight in but forgot to trim glider to safe position and in active air near ground got 50 % asymmetrical at about 50 ft off the ground. The Cima K 2 re-inflated instantly and Pat made uneventful landing. Bob will fly soon. Paul hes got a way to go…

I did not take any pics so here is video from my yesterday’s kiting demo.

Screen Shot 2013-05-05 at 3.32.42 PM

Andre – kiting demo